Farm to Fight Hunger is a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to sustainably grow nutritious vegetables, and to produce pasture-raised eggs, for donation to those in need of healthy food in Sonoma County. We donate 100% of what we grow.



Farm to Fight Hunger is a non-profit organization that grows, harvests and delivers fresh nutritious produce, free of charge, to those in Sonoma County in need of healthy food. Eggs layed by happy pastured hens are also donated to local food banks. We farm in an earth-friendly sustainable manner and work to improve the soil health, therefore improving the nutritional content of the food we grow, increasing the amount of carbon the soil can hold and reducing greenhouse gases. We will work to make the farm its own healthy balanced ecosystem, with habitat for both native plants and beneficial insects.


Our Story

A love of gardening, a class at the junior college and volunteer gleaning, led to a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and a desire to do more locally to provide for others. With a new and full understanding of the importance of healthy nutritious vegetables to a person’s overall health and well being, we found a local farm that was perfect for a larger scale production garden and a pastured poultry operation. We removed two acres of wine grapes, prepped the land to begin its rejuvenation processes, and Farm to Fight Hunger was born.


How We Operate

We are a 501c3 charitable organization which relies on donations to keep us afloat. Donations help us pay for seeds, planting supplies, greenhouse materials, compost, tools, irrigation equipment, tractor and implement maintenance and poultry food and supplies. We are a currently a 100% volunteer organization so every dollar we raise goes into growing more vegetables for donation to those needing and deserving healthy food.


Ready to help?



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